RL 给一天 is a 24-hour fundraising event taking place each year on March 4. All gifts made on this day go toward the 年度基金, in support of 里的拉丁 学生 and 教师.

给一天: March Forth With Us

十大赌博正规老平台不能 非常感谢 for helping to make 里的拉丁’s fifth annual 给一天 a resounding success. 在你的帮助下, we raised more than $809,900 for the 年度基金—including $150,000 in challenge money from generous trustee donors—with 1,341年的礼物, 24小时内. Every dollar raised on 给一天 will go directly toward supporting our 教师. Your generous support—in dollars and in words of love for teachers, 教练, advisors—went far above and beyond our expectations for the day. Your gifts will preserve the school’s core values, while ensuring that 学生 are equipped to lead and serve, 由天才教授, 充满激情的, 还有专门的教职员工, who are committed to knowing and loving the boys in their care.

为了你的兴奋, for 你r generosity—for 你r love of, 相信, this school—we are deeply grateful. On this year’s Exelauno Day,谢谢 for marching forth with us.

  • 什么是RL捐赠日?
    RL 给一天 is a 24-hour fundraising event that takes place each year on March 4. Gifts made on that day—from our alumni, 父母, 学生, 教师, 工作人员, and friends—go directly toward the 年度基金 and help us to support 里的拉丁 学生 and 教师.
  • 我该如何制作礼物?

    Due to the tight time frame of RL 给一天, only gifts made online or over the phone on March 4 count toward our overall totals.

    Gifts can be made securely at our 网上捐赠页面. If 你 would like to make a gift by phone, please call 617.477.6312.
  • 我的付款安全吗??

    绝对! 你可以 make 你r gift securely online. Your information is never sold or shared with any third-party organizations. Your credit card information will never be stored.

  • Is there a minimum donation?

    No! Every gift counts, regardless of size.

  • How can I be part, in addition to making a gift?

    十大赌博正规老平台希望, in addition to making a gift, 你 will follow along throughout the day at our 给一天 campaign page, where 你 can follow our progress, learn which classes have the highest participation, create 你r own gift matches or challenges, and hear about some of the remarkable individuals who have supported RL 学生 and alumni along their journeys. We hope 你 will also share 你r enthusiasm about the day with 你r RL friends and classmates.

    If 你’d like to create a donor match or challenge, or if 你’d like to be a 给一天 advocate—sharing news and energy of the day with others via email, 文本, 或者社交媒体—visit our 给一天 campaign page, or watch this brief video to learn more about becoming a 给一天 advocate.

  • Is my RL 给一天 contribution tax deductible?

    是的, 你r gift is entirely tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

  • 我的礼物去哪儿了?

    Gifts made on 给一天 support the 年度基金. The 年度基金 allows us to honorably compensate the men and women who dedicate their lives to teaching, 训练, and advising 里的拉丁 boys, and to support the full 里的拉丁 experience of all boys, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. RL’s 年度基金 makes up 22% of the school’s operating budget each year.

  • Why does RL care about my participation?

    Gifts of every size matter and help RL invest in and support 学生 and 教师. Your participation matters and signals 你r belief in 你r school!

  • Can I participate if I didn’t graduate from RL?

    是的! Students, 父母, 教师, 工作人员, and friends may support RL on 给一天. All gifts count toward the day’s total and support the mission of the school.

  • What if I have already made a gift to RL this year?

    Thank 你 for 你r support! We appreciate 你r commitment and encourage 你 to consider another gift during 给一天 to help us reach our goal. We also need 你r help in promoting 给一天 to others!

  • How can I help promote RL 给一天?

    We encourage 你 to share the news, images, and messages of the day with 你r friends and classmates. 发送电子邮件, 文本, post on 你r Facebook or Instagram page, 推特, 博客, 大喊, 在你的草坪上放上标志. 这都是鼓励的!

    你可以 also help by creating a donor match or challenge, or by becoming a 给一天 advocate—sharing news and energy of the day with others via email, 文本, 或者社交媒体. To do that, visit our 给一天 campaign page, or watch this brief video to learn more about becoming a 给一天 advocate.


  • If I have questions, who can I contact?

    Please contact Alessandro Ferzoco at 亚历山德罗.ferzoco@hairuncoltd.com or 617.477.6312 with any additional questions.